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Teeth Whitening (bleaching)

Why is teeth whitening so popular

Would you like whiter, cleaner looking teeth and a brighter smile? Are you wondering if teeth whitening is right for you and which method you should choose? Are you a candidate for teeth whitening? Consulting with a dentist is your first step. Only your dentist can tell you if your teeth and gums are healthy enough to go through a teeth whitening process.

Teeth whitening (also called teeth bleaching) has become the most requested procedure from a cosmetic dentist today. More than 100 million Americans whiten their teeth one way or another. Since white teeth is one of the qualities that makes a smile attractive and clean looking, this is understandable. After all, almost every time you meet someone you smile and show your teeth, so your teeth are one of the first things a person notices about you.

Why are teeth discolored

There are a number of reasons that teeth become discolored. These include smoking, coffee, tea, wine, some foods and certain medications.

Teeth color is primarily determined by the color of the dentin, the layer beneath the enamel, the outermost layer which is semi-translucent. The dentin is usually yellow, but can also be gray, brown and black. It is the color of the dentin that is seen as the color of the teeth. In order to whiten the dentin, a peroxide solution is placed on the enamel. This process opens the pores of the enamel, allowing the solution to reach the layer of dentin. The solution will then begin to lighten the dentin, resulting in the appearance of whiter teeth.

What are the methods of teeth whitening

There are a few different teeth whitening and teeth bleaching procedures. Some are at-home treatments, others are in-office treaments, and there are also treatments that are a combination of the two. In-office treatment, which takes about an hour, is the fastest and most effective way of teeth whitening and can yield the best results. Teeth whitening trays and gels are used at home. These work, but take longer than in-office treatments. How long depends on the strength of the bleach used and the duration of the application. There are trays and gels that are available over the counter and others that are aquired from your dentist. The ones offered by dentists are stronger and yield faster results. The trays from the dentist may also be custom fitted for your teeth. Whitening strips are another over the counter product for teeth bleaching that are available in almost every drug store. These work but take longer. How long depends on the strength of the bleach used. There are also teeth whitening tooth pastes that contain mild abrasives to remove stains and may also have polishing agents and chemicals that are more effective against stains than regular tooth pastes. However these toothpastes do not bleach your teeth. There are also some chewing gums, dental floss, and mouth washes that claim to whiten teeth, but there is not enough evidence to prove their effectiveness in whitening teeth.

Before undertaking a teeth whitening treatment you should visit a dentist for a check up and cleaning that will remove surface stains. Following that the dentist will be able to determine which treatment is most suitable for you and will also be able to set realistic expectations for the results you may achieve. Teeth whitening is not for everyone and will not work on all teeth. Teeth that have been restored, with veneers or been bonded with white fillings, for example, will not be whitened. Their color was determined by the color of the surrounding teeth. After teeth whitening they will stand out from the teeth around them. Teeth with root canals may also not be able to be whitened.

How can Dr. Eskenazi help with teeth whitening

Dr. Eskenazi provides different methods of teeth whitening including BriteSmile, one of the most popular and effective techniques available. Dr. Eskenazi can give you a full examination and cleaning and help you determine if you are a candidate for teeth whitening and which method is right for you.

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Reviews by his patients for Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn Dentist Dr. Elliot Eskenazi

1.The best dentist anywhere. Dr. Eskenazi was able to fix my many dental problems without implants, periodontal work, etc. which I had previously been told were absolutely necessary. He saved me an incredible amount of money not to mention time, stress and pain. The staff is great and very friendly.

2. Dr. Eskanazi is an amazing dentist and has been our family dentist for over a decade. He has a truly wonderful manner and personality and really makes you feel comfortable. He always makes himself available to his patients and is reachable in emergencies.

People of all ages go to Dr. Eskanazi and he takes care of everyone. He is highly competent and highly professional. Recommended!!

3. Best doctor in the the town.

4. Doctor Elliot is my family dentist. ( Both my parents, before they moved to Florida, my wife, myself, and my two daughters.)  He is also the dentist of my poker playing buddies, and half the dog run members.   We like the quality of the work and the relaxing atmosphere.  He runs a punctual practice so appointment schedules are followed and I never wait long.

5. I just came back from a teeth cleaning.  I feel my teeth and gums tingling with cleanliness.   They didn't find anything that needed care this time. That's good news.
I actually look forward to visiting my dentist.

6. I was referred to Dr, Eskenazi by my neighbor. My front teeth were chipped badly in an accident and were bonded repeatedly by 3 different dentists. They looked good for a short while but contiually chipped and looked horrible. Dr. Eskenazi explained why the teeth were chipping and how my bite needed to be changed. He was calm and very re-assuring and I felt totally comfortable with him and his staff!! He put porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers on my front teeth which were amazing looking. My teeth are now beautiful and I smile big all day!! Dr. Eskenazi is very compassionate and does beautiful cosmetic work and that's the reason I'm spending the time to write this review.

7. He is the best. I had a total fear of dentists my whole life. He helped me over that fear. He is gentle, kind, and an overall great dentist. His office staff also, is the best, friendly and helpful.

8. He is an outstanding dentist. I don't have the words to describe the quality of care I have received from him.

9. Our family dentist. Even after I moved out of Brooklyn, I come all the way back just to go to Dr. Eskenazi.

10. Very caring DDS and staff. Made me feel comfortable and confident. Totally painless root canal and my cap was perfect.

11. Dr. Ezkenazi is a perfectionist who does excellent work. He is very sympathetic and always concerned about the comfort of his patients.

12. Was extremely anxious before going to Dr. Eskenazi. Upon arrival, his staff were most accomodating at making me relaxed.

13. Entire experience outstanding..from front desk, hygienest,assistant and Dr. E !!!...his cosmetic work is beautiful !!!

14. Dr. Eskenazi and his crew make a patient feel like royalty. They are all wonderful. My mom went to Dr. E. when she was 92 years old.

15. Dr. Eskenazi takes great care into knowing his patients and takes pride in his work. He makes the dental experience a pleasant one.

16. superb craftsmanship with all of his work..Explains all procedures in detail and shows loads of compassion and empathy...outstanding

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